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Toon Town 3D LiveWallpaper Pro

0.99 usd

Toon Town 3D is a live wallpaper that runs in full 3D on your android home screen and lock screens. Beautiful toon style graphics and cute little vehicles driving around the streets make this a rich background for your applications and to show off to your friends.**DONT CHANGE SETTINGS FROM STANDARD LIVE WALLPAPER SETTING MENU**
Use the app icon in the standard android menu or double tap your home screen (if your phone model allows it) to access settings. This is a known bug with Unity3D and live wallpapers.
**INSTALLATION** - Once the wallpaper has been downloaded and installed, go to your home screen and long press the wallpaper > Wallpaper > Live Wallpapers > Toon Town 3D Free > Set Wallpaper
Features:* MULTIPLE Fully 3D camera angles of the toon town (Helicopter, Satellite, Rising view and NEW follow vehicle camera)* Watch the tiny vehicles drive around the streets* EXTRA VEHICLES Vans, trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and boats* Animated water* Fun bouncing turn animation on vehicles* Ability to change camera speed along with lots more customisation options.* Highly optimised HD graphics to run as smoothly as possible on your phone.* Runs only when viewing home screen so as to save battery and cpu.

Can take a moment to load on older phones, but please be patient :)
*NOTE* Due to a bug with Unity, accessing the settings from the normal android menu can cause a crash. DOUBLE TAP the home screen (or use the app icon in the standard android menu) to access the settings safely. This is an issue with the Unity3D engine and live wallpaper. The app works perfectly fine if you use the access the settings this way. :)